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Palestine Museum

"I feel for the people of Palestine who were kicked out of their homes and stripped of their dignity, they were left with nothing. For Palestine, history has not been kind, it is very dark, just like the art work in the museum. I could feel the sadness coming through the art work. The one piece that stuck to me was a mosaic tile of a nurse. The nurse in the mosaic was killed, I can’t remember why, but the beauty of the mosaic tile made me feel for her in a deep emotional level."

Intro to Islam

"I enjoyed the discussion on Muslim stereotypes because not many people are comfortable with that conversation. People have different views on religions and there are people who have some serious Islamophobia and spread hate and lies about Islam."

Embracing The Other

"This experience also inspired me to learn more about my religion. When the Imam talked about his students being called terrorists I was able to relate it to Sara’s experience by being called a terrorist by her friends in middle school. She laughed it off and it would make my mom so angry. She even received texts from friends sending their sympathies on the death of her uncle, Osama Bin Laden. I have never been called a terrorist, but somebody said something to me in middle school and I brushed it off. A few weeks ago somebody said something to me and I became upset and told him that he should not have said what he said, and he admitted that he should not have said it and apologized many times."


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